Grade 5 Theory in 2 Days


Changes in 2021

This year, and possibly beyond, Grade 5 theory is an online exam - there are more frequent dates, and changed content which I think is quicker to deliver. For me, I think it is safe to tutor a small group again in October, but for now, two days only. I haven't updated this site as a whole, but the booking page and pricing now offer a two day course + a revision session for £150. NB excludes exam entry fee of £41.

/fɑːst/ adjective
moving or ​happening ​quickly:

“fast ​cars”, “a fast ​swimmer”
synonyms: speedy, quick, swift, rapid

​• firmly ​fixed:

“The ​glue had set and my ​hand was ​stuck fast.”
“The ship was held fast by the anchor.”
synonyms: secure, held tight, stuck, immovable