The course prepares students for ABRSM Grade 5 Theory Exam, and can also be used as preparation for the Trinity Guildhall Music Theory exam

The course is systematic and structured, written by Fergus Black; it is based on the experience gained from his years of teaching the theory of music. Each day has a programme of different topics and revision: we start with an Icebreaker, and there is a game after lunch. There are five one-hour sessions in each day. In all there are 61 pages of explanation, examples and exercises.

Course days are made up of a tremendous variety of lessons, exercises, quizzes, games, all done at a pace to suit the students. A good sense of humour is essential as the games can get quite amusing and are a good chance to burn off some energy. Variety is the key to keeping everyone involved and happy.

All Music Theory Fast courses are tutored by Fergus Black MA ARCO MISM.


Day 1

I-1. Note and rest lengths
I-2. Understanding time signatures
I-3. Working out Time Signatures
I-4. Instruments of the Orchestra
I-5. Performance Directions
I-6. Draw a keyboard
I-7. Clefs
I-8. Note Names and Ledger lines
I-9. Accidentals
I-10. Ornaments

Day 2

II-1. Major Keys and Key Signatures
II-4. Relative Majors and Minors
II-3. Structure of Scales
II-4. Writing scales in any key
II-5. Intervals
II-6. Tuplets
II-7. Degrees of the scale
II-8. Figured bass
II-9. Naming Chords
II-10. Cadences
II-11. Modulation explained

Day 3

III-1. Composing a Melody
III-2. Transposition
III-3. Voice names
III-4. Voices in score
III-5. Beaming and rests
III-6. Enharmonics
III-7. Writing music
III-8 Exam Techniques

Sample pages